"Pioneered Fine Art Photography.
Created Iconic Glamour.
Made a black hat.
Pioneered Cyber Art."

An innovator and a pioneer in the two most revolutionary and powerful, new art forms in history.

He pioneered both Photo Art and Cyber Art, way ahead of the pack.

Elliott's work is unique in contemporary Art.

Elliott brought a transformative level of intense creativity and gravitas to these new art forms.

With just 400 works from five decades, the rarity factor is colossal and the standards formidable.

The work spans an incredible arc from spirituality, death and madness, through to glamour, money, power, beauty and love.

His masterpieces are both brilliant and beautiful, each taking up to 450 hours of actual work to create.

Try finding an artist anywhere in history who has combined such profound diversity with exquisite mastery.

Few photographers make great artists and most artists make very bad photographers.

Elliott is a rare master of both Art and Photography.

Elliott's Art displays both creative supremacy and technical virtuosity.

An artist all his life, the work has been exhibited in London, New York and Paris. It is both internationally published and critically acclaimed.

The artist's hallmarks are originality, intense creativity, heavyweight substance, critical composition and a highly evolved sense of colour.

All wrapped up in an achingly beautiful vision.

Elliott is based in Abbey Road, London.

Picture: Artist Photographer James Elliott standing above Somerset House, London,
where in 1839, Sir John Herschel first coined the word 'photography'.
At left, the slightly less interesting Shard and Tower Bridge.